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Tour Aruba on an ATV

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

So you want to explore Aruba? Well, on this "One Happy Island" you can turn it into an exhilarating, fun, and adventurous experience. Do it on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle).

There are several ATV touring and exploration rental services in Aruba. It is best to arrange your tour with a guide that will help you explore the best sights on the island. Your tour generally starts from the beach side of the island and makes it way to the California Lighthouse and up the northern coast.

Along the way you will have an opportunity to capture some fantastic photos, hike, climb, swim, and of course grab a bite to eat.

Check out the video below: here we are making our way back as we come to the end of our tour. It was the best experience ever!

A few tips for you for this ATV adventure

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind tossing after the tour. The ride can be dusty at times and the fine, red, clay-like sand will not wash out from some fabrics.

  • If possible, do the early morning tour to avoid the hotter part of the day.

  • Wear plenty of sunscreen, especially on your knee-caps as those will be exposed during the ride if you are wearing shorts (found that out the hard way).

  • Bring a cooler with ice and bottled water to keep yourself hydrated.

  • Of course, bring your camera! Make sure to have a camera bag or backpack with you store your camera, phone, and other electronics when not in use.

Make sure to try this out, it is a blast and not something you will experience like this anywhere else.

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