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Villa Marquesa not only boasts top-tier amenities but also provides a diverse selection to satisfy all your desires and requirements. Explore below to discover all that is included in this unique home away from home.

Aerial view of the backyard and private pool


Upon arriving in paradise, you're eager to shed your luggage and either relax or explore the town. However, you soon find yourself eighth in line for hotel check-in, doing the same as everyone from your flight. Will there be a view from your room?

At Villa Marquesa, you simply walk in, set down your bags, and decide whether to unwind, enjoy the pool, or explore the town with confidence.

Why settle for a mere hotel room? Consider a residence with four bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room, terrace, backyard, and a private pool—all at competitive rates comparable to the island's best quality hotels.


Why settle for sharing a single room with your family when you can have four rooms for everyone, including friends? 


Forget the roll-away beds that turn your hotel room into an obstacle course. Instead, spread out and savor your vacation with ample personal space for all your travel companions. That's the true definition of relaxation!

Clothes Hangers


Living out of a suitcase may seem convenient, but why not unpack and embrace island living? Tuck away the suitcase and immerse yourself in the tranquility and pleasure of settling down. Whether you bring just the essentials or everything you own, there's ample space to personalize your new home.


Why opt for just a room with a balcony when you can indulge in an entire patio to yourself? 


Indeed, while a hotel room balcony may offer a view of the pool, having your own patio allows direct access to dive in; no navigating through long hallways, waiting for elevators, or climbing stairs. It's simply a tranquil area for you and your loved ones to relish in privacy.



Would you prefer to share a pool with hundreds of others, or have a private pool all to yourself? Say goodbye to waking up at the crack of dawn to secure a lounge chair or a shaded palapa. Relish the freedom to use the pool at your leisure, confident that a lounge chair is always reserved just for you.


Being on vacation doesn't mean you should compromise with just a mini fridge hidden in a cabinet or, if fortune favors, a small microwave oven. At Villa Marquesa, we hold the conviction that it's precisely because you're on vacation that you deserve all the comforts of home—and then some.


Whether you aspire to be the island's top chef, wish to easily whip up a grilled cheese sandwich, plan to indulge in takeout, or simply require sufficient space to keep those tempting leftovers from the many local eateries, our kitchen is equipped to meet all your culinary needs.

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